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Dom and Tucker are Freeport Natives. Graduates of Maine Maritime Academy with nearly 20 years of combined sea going experience amongst the Alaska catcher processor fleet. We excel in medium and High Speed diesel engines, as this is what powers the Alaskan Fleet. Both have headed up many infram rebuilds throughout the years sailing as Chief Engineers. Dom with a prior education in machine tool processes is a father of two boys and has hung up sailor life to enjoy his family.

Tucker is still active in the Berring sea fleet and recently involved in the construction of a new factory trawler. Ownership of a local engine and machine shop has been a goal of each of theirs since high school. In 2019 the timing was right for them to combine efforts and purchase “Freeport Manufacturing Company” and transform it into Freeport Diesel & Marine.

The doors opened for business with the public in late 2020, shop being manned full time starting 2021. Over the years Dom and Tucker have built several engines for friends and themselves. Boats and engines will always be lifelong hobbies. It only made sense to open a shop and share what they enjoy and help people along the way get onto and stay on the water.

Please stop in to see what we can help you with, share a sea story or just look at the photos throughout the shop of past owned lobster boats and a glimpse of fishing the Berring Sea.

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